“Love Is Love It Up”
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Love Is Love It Up is the twentieth episode on Season 2 of Dance It Up. It is set to premiere on August 28, 2015. This is the 44th episode overall.




CeCe and Logan have break-up one week and Logan is disappointed. Especially,when CeCe introduces to the gang her new boyfriend,Mike. The gang isn't very happy but CeCe doesn't seem to annoy her. In the end,CeCe announces to the gang that she will go to live with Mike and they get shocked. 1 week later, Logan is so sad because of CeCe's new boyfriend. The gang feels sad and they try to make him move on. Meanwhile, CeCe breaks-up with Mike because she understands that she loves Logan. Logan is ready to move on but in last minute, CeCe appears and tells that she loves him. In the end, they kissed and the gang throws a party.