Hello, bay-beee!
— Gunther's catchphrase
Gunther Hessenheffer
Biographical Information
Gunther Hessenheffer
17-18 (Season 1)
18-19 (Season 2)
19-20 (Season 3)
20-21 (Season 4)
Eastern European
Professional Information
Texas School
Shake It Up, Chicago! (formerly)
Friends and Family
Kashlack Hessenheffer
Squitza Hessenheffer
Tinka Hessenheffer (twin sister)
Baba Pushki
King Brustrum
Klaus Hessenheffer
Amy Hessenheffer
Love interests:
Kate Martin
Casey Blue (secret girlfriend at Season 3
Fluffy (cat)
Kittens (names not mentioned)
Behind the Scenes
First Seen:
Last Seen:
Portrayed by:
Kenton Duty

Gunther Hessenheffer is a main character in the series Dance It Up. He is a recurring character in Season 1 and Season 2 but he become a main cast member at Season 3. He loves Texas and he's the boyfriend of Kate Martin.


Gunther was born in a small unnamed mountain country in Eastern Europe with his fraternal twin sister, Tinka. His mother, Squitza Hessenheffer, was a princess in their country until her father dethroned her for marrying a commoner, Kashlack Hessenheffer. Gunther came to America with his family on a business class flight when he was a child. He and his twin sister were enrolled as exchange students since the 1st grade in elementary school, where he met CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue. He moved on with his sister and classmates to John Hughes High School. When he was 13-years-old in the 8th grade, he auditioned for the local teen dance show, Shake It Up, Chicago! and passed, becoming one of the newest teen background dancers.


Gunther is portrayed as a flamboyant, fashionable, unique, theatrical, and ambitious dancer on Shake It Up, Chicago!. He is from a fictional country that has not been mentioned by name, but is often referred to by the twins as they differentiate American traditions from their own. His taste in attire is loud and catchy and celebrates his love of performing. No matter how popular he thinks he is, he doesn't have many friends and most of them are frenemies. It is revealed in "Show It Up" that he and his sister have musical abilities as they performed two popular songs from their country with Gunther on the guitar. It is shown that he and Tinka both have sock puppets they make outfits for and call "Little Gunther" and "Little Tinka", first introduced in "Hot Mess It Up". Even though he is shown to be arrogant, he can be bothered by the opinion of others, as shown in "Show It Up" when Candy and Randy made fun of their accents, and in "Shrink It Up" when Gary Wilde calls them out for always being mean. They attempt to be nice and pick Deuce to try it out on. In "Vatalihootsit It Up", he and Tinka invite CeCe and Rocky to their home to celebrate Vatalihootsit Day, a holiday where you celebrate your enemies. There are many strange rituals they perform. Their parents turn out to be even more strange than Gunther and Tinka and they are revealed to be royalty; their mother was a princess until she was dethroned for marrying a commoner. Their parents tell CeCe and Rocky, that they know Gunther and Tinka are not "well liked at school" and that their coming "meant the world" to the twins.