"I'll get it, Mom!"
— Flynn's catchphrase
Flynn Jones
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Biographical Information
Flynn Jones
14-15 (Season 1)
16-17 (Season 2)
18-19 (Season 3)
20-21 (Season 4)
6 ft
Austin, Texas
May 4, 2002
Professional Information
Texas School
Henry Dillon
Friends and Family
Georgia Jones
J.J. Jones
CeCe Jones (older sister)
Unnamed Grandparents
Love interests:
Suzy Richman
Mr. Goldberg
Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by:

Flynn Jones is a main character in Dance it Up. He is the brother of CeCe Jones. He will appear in all seasons.


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Flynn as a kid

Flynn may look cute, but he is wise beyond his years and knows how to take advantage of any situation. Flynn is described as precocious, has a great sense of adventure, is mature for his age, and is very mischievous. He has a lot of interesting hobbies which include video games, karate, robots, and magic tricks. He also enjoys bacon and energy drinks. Whenever the doorbell rings, he (along with his sister CeCe) has a tendency to yell before opening the door ("I'll get it, mom!") He is a very mischievous kid who gets scared watching horror movies. When no one is around, he likes to run around in his underwear and pretend he's a cowboy. Flynn also has had a few pets including a goldfish (Mr. Goldberg) that Deuce accidentally killed, and a baby tarantula that was killed by Ty. Even though it is shown that he is sly and greedy, he does have a soft spot and can be kind. He has a teddy bear named Mr. Wubby.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Henry Dillon (Season 1, 2, 3 and 4: Best Friend)

Henry and Flynn are best friends and pretty much the complete opposite of each other; Flynn being outgoing, while Henry keeps to himself. They met in the previous show Shake It Up, after Henry was assigned to tutor CeCe in math. Flynn introduced him to normal boy things like video games. The two often get into interesting situations together. They go to karate class together to help Henry get over being hit by a girl. Flynn helps Henry to prepare for a camping trip in "Match It Up". In "Twist It Up", they both play with an evil robot that comes to life and in "Apply It Up", Henry informs Flynn of a meteor that is heading towards earth, and they call NASA to try and prevent it. In "Judge It Up", Henry tries to teach Flynn how to ride a bike, but in the end just creates a bike that automatically drives itself, making Flynn think that he actually knew how. Now, Flynn talks to Henry on his phone cause Henry is in Chicago, and Flynn are in Texas.


  • Originally, Davis Cleveland was gonna to be Flynn instead of Ross, but was changed since the director also known as Cyrus thought Ross will fit the role better than Davis and due to Davis still being a child with 12.