Dance 1t Up

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Soundtrack album by Various artists
Released: June 21, 2014
Pop, dance, rap
Walt Disney Records
"Dance 1t Up (Soundtrack)"
"Austin and Ally Dances It Up-A-Rooney Soundtrack"

Dance 1t Up soundtrack is a soundtrack for the first season of the Disney Channel Original Series, Dance It Up. It is released in the June 21, 2014. The first single will be titled 'You and Me' and it released on March 19, 2014. The full soundtrack list is revalead on February 14, 2014. The soundtrack consist of 19 songs (including the deluxe edition).

Some of Season 1 songs won't be on the soundtrack so there might be another Season 1 soundtrack.

Track ListEdit

Normal EditionEdit

  1. New Life by Zendaya and Caroline Sunshine (Length, 3:33)
  2. Love by Taylor Swift and Ellie Goulding (Length, 3:02)
  3. Shake It by Becky G (Length, 3:24)
  4. Evacuate the Dancefloor by Cascada (Length, 2:25)
  5. Memory by Zendaya (Length, 3:16)
  6. Save Me (This is An SOS) by Helena Paparizou (Length, 2:43)
  7. Together Forever by Caroline Sunshine (Length, 3:45)
  8. Turn It All Around by Rihanna (Length, 3:20)
  9. Spinning by Bella Thorne (Length, 3:12)
  10. You and Me by Zendaya and Caroline Sunshine (1st Single) (Length, 4:06)
  11. Ha-Ha-Halloween by Roshon Fegan (Length, 2:56)
  12. You Don't Love Me by Caroline Sunshine (Length, 3:51)
  13. Forget You by Zendaya (Length, 3:58)

Deluxe EditionEdit

  1. Remember Us by Roshon Fegan and Caroline Sunshine (Length, 4:02)
  2. Alone by Zendaya (Length, 2:34)
  3. I Always Think Of You by Roshon Fegan (Length, 3:41)
  4. Friendships by Olivia Holt (Length, 3:30)
  5. We Are Gonna Own It by Chloe and Halley Bailey (Length, 3:46)
  6. Back To Reality By Roshon Fegan (Length, 3:23)

Total Length = 63.90


  • Some of season 1 songs won't be on the soundtrack so there might be another season 1 soundtrack.
  • The single 'You and Me' released on March 19, 2014. It is the first single from a soundtrack.
  • This soundtrack has a song from famous Greek-Swedish singer Helena Paparizou who won Eurovision Song Contest in 2005.
  • Did you know that Back To Reality is in the 24th episode of Dance It Up?