Austin and Ally Dances It Up-A-Rooney Soundtrack

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Soundtrack album by Various Artists
Released: May 11, 2014
Pop, dance
Walt Disney Records
"Dance 1t Up (Soundtrack)"
"Austin and Ally Dances It Up-A-Rooney Soundtrack"
"Dance 1t Up: Extended Soundtrack"

Austin and Ally Dances It Up-A-Rooney Soundtrack is a special soundtrack from the crossover "Austin and Ally Dances It Up-A-Rooney". It will consist of 15 songs (including the Walmart bonus tracks) which released on May 18, 2014. The full soundtrack was reveled on February 11, 2014. 

Track ListEdit

Normal EditionEdit

  1. You Don't See Me by Laura Marano (Length, 03:38)
  2. Dance With Me by Zendaya (Length, 03:20)
  3. Take Your Chances by Dove Cameron (Length, 03:45)
  4. Never Give Up by Caroline Sunshine (Length, 04:08)
  5. Together by Ross Lynch (Length, 03:56)
  6. You Are Gone by Zendaya (Length, 04:00)
  7. Dream by Raini Rodriguez (Length, 03:30)
  8. We Are Always a Team by Calum Worthy, Raini Rodriguez, Ross Lynch and Laura Marano (Length, 04:03)
  9. Take It Slow by Bella Thorne (Length, 02:51)
  10. Remember The Time? by Ross Lynch and Laura Marano (Length, 04:00)
  11. Half Of Me by Dove Cameron (Length, 03:27)
  12. Can't Do It Without a New Better In Stereo By Zendaya, Caroline Sunshine, Ross Lynch and Dove Cameron (Length, 04:18)

Walmart Exclusive Bonus Track EditionEdit

  1. This Is Crazy by Zendaya (Length, 03:04)
  2. Stay Strong by Caroline Sunshine (Length, 03:00)
  3. This Is The Real Me by Calum Worthy (Length, 02:59)
Total Length = 51.59